We have provided quality, affordable fashions with personal customer care to Central Queensland women for over 50 years.

Coopers first opened in Bolsover Street on the 2nd November, 1953.

Coopers clothing stores have provided quality fashions to four generations of Rockhampton and Central Queensland ladies. The family owned and run business started by Glynn and Althea Cooper in 1953 has been synonymous with affordable, quality clothing, personal customer service, honesty and integrity in business practice for over 50 years.

Cooper's was originally intended to open in Townsville. Glynn had purchased a block of land and wanted it to be a surprise to his fiancee Althea. Soon after visiting the city in the summer Althea announced to him that she could never live in Townsville. Glynn quietly sold the land and determined never again to make any more business or personal decisions without first discussing them with Althea.

When they met in 1947, Althea was managing the ladies Fashion section of her parents business CR Smith Pty Ltd in Cairns and Glynn was working as a Queensland Sales Representative. Glynn had a business background in insurance but after being a WW2 Prisoner of War in Germany and Russia he needed to work outdoors.


The two married in September 1953 and moved to Rockhampton after their honeymoon. It was a business and marriage partnership that was to prove extremely happy and successful over the next 36 years until Glynn's death in 1989. Althea continued to act as buyer and worked in the business until 2005 when she became ill ad passed away.

Althea and Glynn valued their long time employees who worked hard to keep the ladies of Rockhampton up to date with latest fashion, often buying with particular clients in mind. A multitude of "Appro Boxes" were sent out in the Central Queensland area for Country Ladies to wear to Rural Race Meetings, Balls and Special Occasions.

The great granddaughters of those original customers are still coming to Coopers today for all occasions, from race wear, casual, to bridal - and the same traditions of personal service and integrity are the mainstays at Coopers to this day.